About the artist



Nothhingspecial - also known as Chrissie, is a 20 year old independent artist located in Bonn, Germany. She started making music in her bedroom when she was about 14 and has never stopped since then. What you hear comes from her heart and soul. Authenticity is what she stands for. 

My project

"I'm just here to make you feel something. That is all I ever wanted to achieve with my music. To feel and to make others feel." - nothhingspecial

The epitome of independent

"She writes and produces her songs on her own and does all that with maximum passion. Chrissie is an artistical soul from Germany that cannot be stopped from her ever luring creativeness. While she is constantly evolving, she’s trying to get the most out of herself every time she works on a new project. At only 19 years old, she is already an inspiration for younger artists that aspire to become musicians."
- Melina Spahn via
GEM Magazine

From Indie to Rock 

- over to Hip Hop 

and EDM. 

"It just sounds real."

"Den eigenen Platz auf dieser Welt finden, darum geht es im Leben. Wie schwierig diese Aufgabe ist, das wissen wir alle. Ob und wann man ankommt, kann allerdings Niemand wissen. Darum geht es in ’somewhere we don’t know‘ von nothingspecial. Die 19 Jährige Künstlerin aus Bonn stellt sich dieser Frage und packt alles in ihren Song, ihr ganzes Herz und ihre Seele. Das kann man hören, es klingt einfach echt."
 - We Love That Sound